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Virginia Flores

Service Coordinator

I love working at Hearts of Hope because of the love and support that everyone has for the individuals. I have worked for the DD Waiver for 14 years. I have held numerous positions from administrative assistant, biller, office manager, and now as Service Coordinator. My superpower is compassion.

Viola Garcia

Service Coordinator

I love working at Hearts of Hope because they are a very family oriented and caring agency. They love all the individuals and their staff. I have about 16 years with the DD Waiver and working with individuals with developmental disabilities. My superpower is being compassionate, kind, and a good listener.

Celebrating You!

We are always running events to shake up daily routines and keep our family connected to one another. We have raffles, meet-and-greets with Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny every year. We also do Easter Egg hunting, Valintines Day arts and crafts, along with many more activities to make every day a new adventure.

Arts, Crafts, and Games

Keeping our family entertained is a big part of our culture. We love helping people discover new hobbies and using their talents to do amazing things! We regularly hold Bingo Nights, teaching important skills like cooking and baking in a safe environment, and group chats for everyone to be able to express themselves and work on conversational skills.

Local Events and Celebrating Growth

At Hearts of Hope, every special moment is something worth celebrating. We love celebrating the personal growth and achievements of our guests, whatever their interest or passion is. In the past, we’ve done several themes:

…And many more!

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